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Mike Kumar
Mike Kumar

Shooty Fruity [PATCHED]

To bring the project to market, nDreams brought in Brighton-based Near Light as a partner on the creative development of the game. This collaborative approach led to the development of a visually striking environment, with unique and memorable fruity characters. Unreal and audio middleware were used to create 24 different levels, each with three challenges that require different approaches to beat. Additionally, there was an arsenal of 18 different weapons to unlock.

Shooty Fruity

Once you complete the final challenge, you should be fairly satisfied with the experience. There is probably around 6-8 hours worth of gameplay if you want to get three stars on every challenge. Shooty fruity is definitely one of the more playful and funny VR shooters out there. If you like shooting gallery games and want to take a break from the military style shooters, this one is a great choice. 041b061a72


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