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Working Guidance for Arts Freelancers and Organisations Edition 1- Now Live 

March for the Arts is a collective dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of the arts. We champion those who work in arts industries. We campaign positively about the power of the arts to improve lives.


We may not always be marching, but we are always reading, listening and working towards a better future. 


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Our second project has been funded! 

We’re about to start developing a training programme that will bring the results of our last project: the Working Guidance for Arts Freelancers & Organisations - and all the juicy, useful stuff it contains - directly to you and your organisation.


Whether you need to know about contracts, inclusion, grievance processes or the full shebang of best working practice for your project - this training programme will offer facilitated in person or online sessions with resources and support. 


As it grows and develops, we hope the Working Guidance, or #WGAFO as we’ll sometimes write and say it, will be an invaluable tool for anyone working, or employing people, in the UK arts sector. 


First, we need to get the training programme right. So, as part of this project, we’ll be seeking case studies, recruiting paid focus groups, hiring facilitators AND offering free training & workshop places.

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