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Working towards Race Equality

March for The Arts was formed in June 2020 with the aim of advocating for the arts and those who work in the arts sector.

We are committed to creating a more balanced ecology within the arts, specifically in Liverpool City Region, which should fully represent the rich cultural diversity of our city.

Our Working Guidance document addresses the need for equality and diversity and we are committed as a company to continue our work, holding ourselves and others accountable to these standards.

We acknowledge and accept the need for change and strive to be a positive and proactive advocate for that. As we grow and develop as a company we pledge to develop our own knowledge, understanding and action in areas of diversity and equality.

Find out what other Liverpool Arts & Culture Organisations are doing to work towards Race Equality:

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Adam Coyl
Adam Coyl
Jul 13

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Vintage Läder Klockarmband: En Tidlös Accessoar för Stilmedvetna

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Historien bakom Vintage Läder Klockarmband

Läder har använts för att tillverka klockarmband i över ett sekel. Det började som ett praktiskt alternativ till metallarmband, särskilt under första…


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