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At MFTA, our current project is to create several training sessions based on our Working Guidance document or #WGAFO. This is a guidance document which contains lots of best practice points for work between freelancers and arts organisations. The training sessions will break down the info in the document in order to empower and educate both organisations and freelancers about how best to work with each other.


We will be delivering trials of these brand spanking new workshops on Monday February 7th at the Bluecoat.


Session 1, 10am - 12:30pm: Paying People / Getting Paid - Contracts, Invoicing, Payments


Session 2, 2pm - 5pm: Reaching Out and Working Well - Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility (delivered by our newly hired Inclusivity Facilitators!)


To sign up please email with the names and contact information of attendees. (orgs, you are welcome to send more than one staff member within reason!). Please also let us know if you have any access requirements.


We're offering free places on a first come, first served basis. 


The sessions are aimed at freelancers and organisations - we think it's really important to get arts workers in all sorts of employment in the room to make connections and share experiences. 


You can come to both or choose one.


The sessions will be a mixture of presentation, workshop style activities (including writing down notes and sharing ideas) and discussion. Breaks will be integrated into sessions.


COVID information:

  • Please do a lateral flow before the session and only join us if you have a negative result.

  • Please wear masks when moving around the building.

  • We will follow up to date COVID guidance and update participants if we need to.

You can also get involved with March for the Arts by contributing to our voices project.
You can support our campaign by signing up to social media channels and sharing posts to spread the word.
Contributions to our resources pages are also welcome, please get in touch if you would like to write a blog post or have a resource you think we should share.
March for the Arts do some of our work on a voluntary basis, and we are always keen to meet new people who might want to help.

We've set up a Facebook page for volunteers where meetings, updates and call outs are posted.

Alternatively, keep in touch by email - Please tell us about yourself and let us know what you would like to do.


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