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WGAFO Next and Sign Up

What to Do Next/ How to Sign Up 

Anyone is now welcome to download and use this document; but we’d also like to see organisations and freelancers publicly committing to it.  

A list of those who have signed up to the guidance will be available on our website - you can check this when you are hiring or looking for work.

MFTA will keep an open door and stay in touch with those who have signed up over the next year to see how the guidance works in practice. 

In the long term we will be holding signatories to account by gathering feedback. Please fill in this feedback form or email us at in order to let us know about organisations or freelancers you have worked with. We will keep this information safe and anonymous.

If there are any worries or issues with your use of the guidance our first step will always be a conversation with you.

We are fully aware that change is a process and will take time - signing up to this guidance is a commitment to starting the journey and communicating along the way.

For now, we’re only able to administrate sign ups from the Liverpool City Region.


If you would like to sign up to the Working Guidance please use this form.


We’ll then add you to our public list, publicise your sign up (with your permission) and provide you with some images to use - you can display these wherever you like

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