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One of the ways in which you can help March For The Arts and our aim to secure #FairFundingForAll is to write to your MP. We have devised a template for you to use to make it easier. You can copy and paste the letter below, use the Google Doc here or access it as a Word Doc.

We do recommend personalising it, especially if you would like to highlight your own personal experiences and concerns about the funding package, but have devised it in a way in that it can be sent out with just adding your own name and the date.

Not sure who your MP is, or need to find their email address? Find them here:

Please note: They Work For You will allow you to directly message your MP, but will block any copied and pasted messages, so we recommend emailing directly.

Remember, your MP represents YOU. Let’s be heard!


<< You must include your address so your MP knows you live in their constituency. Some MPs also ask you to include a phone number in your communications with them >>

<< Address Line 1 >> 

<< Address Line 2 >> 

<< Town / City >> 

<< Post Code - (VITAL!) >>

<< Contact Number / Email Address >>


<< Date >>


My name is << insert name here>> and I am writing to you about the fair distribution of the £1.57bn arts funding that has been allocated to all sectors of the arts. 


I would like you to raise this issue within Parliament and with the Government to ensure fair shares of this money directly benefit those self-employed freelance workers who will have no feasible access to the grants system, due to the nature of their work being focused on the delivery of arts production. 


Whilst I recognise the need to support venues and organisations, many are still unable to open until next year, further reducing employment opportunities for freelance arts workers whose livelihoods have been devastated by the closure of venues for the performing Arts.

The concerns I would like to be addressed are as follows:

  • How will the £880m in grants ensure the protection of the freelance workforce as well as our diverse organisations, venues and institutions?


  • What will be the criteria for distribution of the grants, and what measures will be put in place to ensure that they are distributed around the whole country to organisations and individuals? 


  • How will the £880m grant money be split up between theatre, music, comedy, dance, circus, festivals, youth work, and community engagement? 


In your response I would like you to outline the ways in which you intend to address this matter on my behalf.  I would also like to request that you forward my letter to the relevant Minister for their response.  

Please do keep me informed of any progress made.   


I look forward to hearing your response in due course.

Yours sincerely,
<< Insert Your Name >>


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