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Being Super [v0.18 Test]

I mentioned earlier this year that Zen4 and Sapphire Rapids X were the other two chips I wanted to test and optimize for. Now with Zen4 fulfilled (for now), that leaves Sapphire Rapids - which looks like it's having its fair share of delays. So I obviously have no timeline for that and I may end up skipping it if it ends being cost prohibitive. Just in case if anyone from Intel is paying attention...

Being Super [v0.18 Test]

Evaluation by competent supervisors and peers, employing such approaches, should form the foundation of teacher evaluation systems, with a supplemental role played by multiple measures of student learning gains that, where appropriate, could include test scores. Some districts have found ways to identify, improve, and as necessary, dismiss teachers using strategies like peer assistance and evaluation that offer intensive mentoring and review panels. These and other approaches should be the focus of experimentation by states and districts.

Teachers should not be held responsible for learning gains or losses during the summer, as they would be if they were evaluated by spring-to-spring test scores. These summer gains and losses are quite substantial. Indeed, researchers have found that three-fourths of schools identified as being in the bottom 20% of all schools, based on the scores of students during the school year, would not be so identified if differences in learning outside of school were taken into account.34 Similar conclusions apply to the bottom 5% of all schools.35

A number of U.S. experiments are underway to determine if offers to teachers of higher pay, conditional on their students having higher test scores in math and reading, actually lead to higher student test scores in these subjects. We await the results of these experiments with interest. Even if they show that monetary incentives for teachers lead to higher scores in reading and math, we will still not know whether the higher scores were achieved by superior instruction or by more drill and test preparation, and whether the students of these teachers would perform equally well on tests for which they did not have specific preparation. Until such questions have been explored, we should be cautious about claims that experiments prove the value of pay-for-performance plans.

TCEC superfinal of 14th Season is currently being played asStockfish and Leela battle for the TCEC Season 14 Champion title.Till now Leela surprises Stockfish and after 33 games the result is aperfect tie with 16.5-16.5 points.Yet 67 more games will be played so everything can happen.

The release candidate of a new Leela version has been released:v0.18.0-rc1We expect testing phase to last around 7-10 days, after which proper v0.18.0 will be released.Download and full changelog here. 041b061a72


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