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Where Can You Buy A Patagonia Jacket EXCLUSIVE

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where can you buy a patagonia jacket

The Down Sweater Jacket delivers the perfect level of warmth for just about any cold-weather activity. Wear it as an outer shell in cool weather, or layer under a hardshell jacket when severe weather strikes.

The difference between the Torrentshell Jacket and other lightweight rain jackets is all in the details. The Torrentshell Jacket features a two-way adjustable hood with a laminated visor that rolls down and stows away with a simplified cord-and-hook design.

Welcome to Basket Case, wherein your trusty VICE editors scour the proverbial aisles of our favorite online retailers to bring you a smorgasbord of the absolute best things to buy. In this installment, we're diving into Patagonia and vibing out on deep pile fleeces, the iconic Baggies short and the classic Snap-T.

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Some of the links that appear on the website are from software companies from which receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include all companies or all available Vendors. Please view our advertising policy page for more information.

Don't forget about the yearly Patagonia Black Friday sale, as well, where some of the season's best-selling items go on promo for unbelievable prices. Just around the corner will be the Patagonia Cyber Monday sale, so keep checking back here to ensure that you don't miss out. Remember that you can also use a Patagonia discount code at checkout to save on everything you need all year long!

We reviewed a men's size medium Pluma and found that while it offered plenty of coverage, when compared to the other mediums that we reviewed, the sleeves and the hem were slightly short, leading to a bit of undergarment exposure when ice climbing with our hands above our head. The hood design was better than past versions of Patagonia jackets that we've tested that only used one pull-cord for adjustment; the Pluma has three. However, the brim of the hood is not wire-rimmed and is not quite wide enough to completely funnel water out of the face in a heavy downpour.

We experienced no issues without a helmet, but while wearing a climbing helmet, some water hit our face and filtered down the collar into our neck. Additionally, we noticed a decent amount of wetting out on the front of the jacket, suggesting that the DWR coating had worn off. Especially in cold and wintery conditions, this jacket offers excellent protection, but when the going gets rainy, we don't think it's quite as good as some others.

Our size large jacket weighed in at 15.1 ounces, impressively light considering that this jacket was not stripped of all features and included pit zips for ventilation. While not the absolute lightest, this jacket's weight doesn't give anyone an excuse for not bringing it along, no matter the adventure.

The feature set is the strongest aspect of the Patagonia Pluma, utilizing the best Cohaesive buckles available with pull-cords in ideal locations. All five pull-cord buckles are Cohaesive, which we find to be the easiest to manipulate for release, especially with gloves on. We also love how the two side-of-the-face pull cords live on the outside of the collar, easy to pull while completely bundled up, and the two hem pull cords live within the handwarmer pockets and don't leave loops of cord hanging where they can snag or be tripped on.

The Pluma is a versatile jacket that does everything a hardshell jacket should. Its Gore-Tex Pro membrane and durable face fabric makes it ideally suited to climates and activities where the weather is horrible and wet, rather than warmer and drier areas. The quality, materials, and of course Patagonia's ironclad guarantee all back up its price and suggest that it presents a good value. However, it was roughly average in our overall comparative rankings, suggesting there are better deals to be found for those who want the very best at the most affordable price.

Versatile. Somewhere between city chic and adventure-ready, the Better Sweater is meant to be as versatile as it is cozy and warm. Its casual vibes are perfect for the office or the trails, and some styles can even be dressed up a bit. ?

Patagonia was one of the first clothing companies in the world to fully switch to organic cotton. And that was back in 1996, long before most other labels were even aware of the damage that conventional cotton farming was doing to people and the environment all over the world. It was a revolutionary move, because at that time there was hardly any organic cotton available anywhere. So Patagonia started creating its own partnerships with cotton farmers.

In early fall we began to test the Patagonia Baby Quilted Puff jacket and pants on our two-year old daughter MK. We received the set from the brand for testing in return for an unbiased review. We started using the jacket in September and added the pants as it got colder in October. After testing the outerwear for several months, we can thus confirm that the Patagonia Baby Quilted Puff jacket and pants are suitable for:

The Patagonia Baby Quilted Puff jacket and pants are great for all those in-between days of the year, where the temperatures demand medium insulation and the weather can be both sunny, windy or (slightly) rainy. It is a versatile set where the jacket can be used both zipped or just buttoned with one button, and the pants can be added whenever it gets a bit too cold to merely wear leggings on the bottom. If you live in a temperate climate, your child will get A LOT of wear out of the Patagonia Baby Quilted Puff set. The only drawbacks are the lack of foot straps on the pants, and elasticated cuffs on the jacket to keep the cold out better.

During an extended backcountry trip or a faraway expedition, if your gear breaks, you make a repair. There are no other options. But back at home when something breaks, many people are in the habit of throwing it out. Fortunately, most Patagonia gear can easily be fixed, so we've partnered with iFixit to show you, step-by-step, how to repair your Patagonia clothing. A patch on your jacket or a gleaming new zipper not only gives you bragging rights, but completing the repair yourself extends the life of your gear. Learn more about the Patagonia Worn Wear Program on

Although meant for skiers and boarders, the Storm Shift Jacket works for every outdoor activity and in most seasons. Yes, it has all the features you need if you spend a lot of time playing in the snow, like a Gore-Tex outer layer that is super waterproof, a high collar to keep the wind off your face, a large hood to fit over your helmet (the hood also has a RECCO reflector that emits a radar signal which makes you findable by professional rescuers), a snow skirt with a solid rubber seal, pit zips for ventilation, and multiple pockets for your ski pass, gloves, hat, phone, wallet, etc. But many of those features can be used when the hill is closed, and despite all the bells and whistles, this Patagonia jacket has a classic look that works just as well on the streets as it does on the slopes.

The Better Sweater custom Patagonia fleece jacketis a warm polyester fleece made with wool like fabric that has a soft interior and a sweater like exterior. An easy-wearing, bulk-free jacket that thrives as urban outerwear or layered in the backcountry under a shell. Made of a knitted, heathered polyester fleece dyed with a low-impact process that significantly reduces the use of dyestuffs, energy and water compared to conventional dyeing methods. Fabric is bluesign approved. Custom embroider this Patagonia jacket with a chest or sleeve logo.

The other exciting thing is a partnership with Walmart where they joined us to invite other apparel and footwear manufacturers to develop a uniform tool for measuring the environmental and labor impacts of our products. That coalition, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, is growing quickly. We now have more than 35 companies--both suppliers, manufactures and retailers. We also have NGO representation and some social labor groups.

In the Patagonia High Endurance Kit, the kit premise is thoughtfully Patagonia: rather than buying a new shirt, jacket, or shorts every season with mismatched functionality, you buy into a collection that works in unison with better materials and technology to support your goals. The High Endurance Kit is tailored toward goals that involve moving fast in big mountains or in places with rough weather. 041b061a72


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