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The Voices Project Podcast is here

The March for The Arts team are happy to announce The Voices Project podcast. 

The Voices Project is a series of interviews with people from all across the creative industries who are being affected by the pandemic, brought to you by March for The Arts. We discuss how these professionals got into the arts and what the arts means to them; how their work is being affected by ongoing restrictions; how useful help has been from the government and what they see as the way forwards.

This week Liz and Becky are joined by Alexi and Jacob who are actors that recently graduated from Alra North. Lockdown has seen all of their work dry up, and we chat about what got them started in acting, what it's been like to try to produce work during the pandemic, what they think the way forwards is.


Listen Now






Or search for The Voices Project wherever you listen to your podcasts 

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