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WGAFO Formatting Key

Formatting Key

Bold = A section heading and, when numbered, a clause 


Where there is writing in a grey box, this is to indicate that we acknowledge that general guidance is difficult to follow. 


Best practice for an individual or small organisation may be different to best practice for a large organisation, for example.


Bear in mind that the information in the grey box might not be applicable to every situation.


Sometimes the grey box highlights differences from situation to situation.


If the grey box has guidance in it, both parties should try to follow this as far as is reasonable and practical. If they can’t, they should strive towards following it.


Underlining is used for emphasis; our committee feels this specific detail is important and is often overlooked. 


Quotations from our committee and community appear in italics at the beginning of each section.


In the red left hand column at the start of each section there is a section essence - a summary for each section. 

External links and links to supporting documents from our ‘B-Files’ e.g. templates, FAQs and example guides, will appear underlined and in blue. 

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