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Devon London

If players aren't more careful with their attempted blocks and steals, they will likely frequently draw fouls. This makes it vital that their in-game defensive actions are well-timed and spaced out properly NBA 2K24 MT.

The defense has been an area that always garnered mixed feelings among the NBA 2K community. Fans will hope that the upcoming changes in NBA 2K24 will lead to better defensive actions and test players and their skills.

Ahead of NBA 2K24 being officially released on September 8, details were recently revealed as to just how things have improved on the court from a gameplay standpoint. Gameplay director Mike Wang detailed some of the biggest changes you can expect to see in NBA 2K24 and how developers have addressed areas where the series had been lacking in the past. Here’s a look at what items were discussed and how these changes are expected to impact the way the action unfolds in various game modes.

Shooting has received a great deal of attention in NBA 2K24, with this component of the game specifically customized for every difficulty. Within MyCareer where you can play 5-on-5 games in the Rec Center or assemble smaller teams on other courts within the City (which will be making a return), you’ll be subject to the ultimate challenge of shooting on Hall of Fame difficulty.

Because you’ll still miss any shots in which you don’t “green” your release with perfect timing, this will make the component of the game even more skill-based than it already was in NBA 2k24. However, you can expect shooting to be slightly less challenging in any team-based mode where the timing mechanic will be a little more forgiving. To this end, NBA 2K24 will have a new visual cue setting that will help you to better time the shot release of players who are especially slow or quick at getting the ball out of their hands Cheap 2K24 MT.


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