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AM-C - Cancer Love (Official Video) _HOT_

During her audition, Marczewski shared that she was dealing with cancer in her lungs, spine and liver. Her audition video, which can be viewed below, has been brought in nearly 30 million views on YouTube. In her August 3 Instagram message announcing her departure from the show, Marczewski wrote,

AM-C - Cancer Love (Official Video)


Kendall helped Chris get comfortable back at the boarding house and he asked "What kind of medal are you bucking for?" She said she was just trying to help him out. Chris said "You know what you can do for me? Keep your distance! I don't like you and I probably never will!." This only briefly stopped Kendall's antics. Ryan smiled and told Chris now Kendall was his problem. Chris sent Kendall to his room to get a box for him. Ryan started to leave but Chris stopped him. Ryan told Chris that Kendall will be on his case all the time, she's like "gum stuck to your shoe." She returned with the box and Chris thanked her then told her she was dismissed. She just moved to the other side of the room. Chris opened the box and took out a picture and handed it to Ryan. "They're your grandparents", Chris told Ryan. Ryan was very touched by the gesture. Chris told him that he looks like his grandfather. Ryan hesitantly asked if they were still alive but Chris had to tell him that no, they were both gone. His father had died of cancer and about a year later his mother died of a broken heart. Kendall piped in that she'd heard of that but hadn't believed it could really happen. Chris said that yes, that kind of love did exist and told Ryan he wished Ryan could have known them. Ryan handed the picture back as there was a knock on the door. Kendall went to answer it and found Erica standing outside. She told Erica to come on in, that Chris was there but Erica said she was there to speak to Kendall. They moved away from the front door to talk. Erica told Kendall she was so much like her when she was her age, she "couldn't recognize an apology either." Kendall was confused and Erica explained that she was sorry she came down so hard on her when she found out that Kendall was moving in with Bianca. "Sometimes I forget I have 2 daughters", Erica said. Kendall accused Erica of being nice so she could keep an eye on her and Chris. Kendall got nasty and asked her mother how long she thought it would take for Kendall to get Chris in bed. Erica said "And then what? You still won't have what you want. ME." Kendall whined that Erica had always hated her but Erica said she didn't hate Kendall, she hated the fact that she was raped. But she said she had gotten through it with the help of her mother's love and because she's whole, Kendall blames her for not being angry and empty like her. Kendall said the last thing Erica said to her before she left Pine Valley was that she had no maternal feelings for her. "You can't treat me like a stranger, I'm your daughter!" Kendall cried. Erica said she was right and that she wanted to give Kendall a second chance, even though she didn't think it would turn out any differently than last time. Kendall believed this had to do with Chris Stamp but Erica said no it was between them. But she'd leave it up to Kendall to decide whether to accept a truce and told Kendall she knew where to find her and walked away. Kendall returned to the living room as Chris told Ryan to keep the picture of his grandparents. Ryan thanked Chris and then told Kendall he was going to lunch and asked her to come along. She asked Chris if he'd be ok and he said "Sure, as soon as you leave!." Ryan and Kendall left and Chris opened his box and looked through it alone.

Tracy Korhonen says: I find myself in the same quandary as you were before you rediscovered the joy of fireflies. Yesterday, May 20, 2013, I saw a video of a young man named Zach who had passed away that same day because of Osteo-sarcoma. I am deeply saddened by the fact that this young, vibrant and loving young man's life has been cut short, especially due to the ugliness of cancer.His story, one filled with love and LIVING, knowing he would die, has given me perspective.I too, have not been living. I learned of my BRCA1 status after chemo, before radiation last year.. I have had numerous surgeries and am looking at 2 to 3 more to repair some complications with my implants.Despite this, I have decided that this young man's example of living gives me no more excuses to stay in the darkness.Thank you for sharing you awakening.

I ask you to please cosnider "subscribing" (free) to my HNC cancer channel so you get alerted for future videos. I often use topics and people's issues I read about here to create new ones. Also, liking , commenting, and subscribing helps them be found when other folks are doing searches for info. thank you.

Cancer is not the only experience that can derail us during our lives. Divorce and other relationship changes, job losses, the deaths of loved ones, and of course, other illnesses will do that too. As a nine-year cancer survivor, I prefer to think of cancer as changing tracks rather than being derailed, especially as I recover from my third encounter with the C. diff that I got from my cancer preventative oophorectomy almost nine years ago. C. diff is miserable but I am grateful to be here to experience those moments of misery because there also have been some totally breathtaking moments to have experienced too. I am even grateful that my ovaries and uterus are gone, especially since learning about my PALB2 genetic cancer mutation a year ago. I believe that each of our quirky unique lives, bodies, and medical conditions will resolve the way they are meant to resolve.

I do not mean to sound harsh. I am trying to help. As I look back over the past nine years, I realize that none of my post-traumatic stress disorder, fear, anxiety, sleepless nights, or ongoing worry has added a day to my life, but those emotions have definitely impacted the quality of it. I want better for you. Seriously. I let my cancers take away opportunities for laughter and love. Do better than me. I believe in you. 041b061a72


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