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Jaya Piritha: The Sacred Chanting of Protection and Blessing (Free PDF Download)

Jaya Piritha is one of the most powerful and popular pirithas (protective chants) in Buddhism. It is recited by Buddhists to invoke the blessings and protection of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha, as well as various deities and qualities. Jaya Piritha consists of 16 stanzas that praise the virtues and attributes of the Buddha, such as his wisdom, compassion, power, glory, radiance, purity, etc. It also expresses the wish to be free from all kinds of suffering, danger, fear, illness, sorrow and defilements, and to attain happiness, wealth, beauty, strength, long life, merit and enlightenment.



Jaya Piritha is believed to have originated from a discourse given by the Buddha to his chief disciple Ven. Sariputta. The Buddha taught him how to recite this piritha to ward off any harm and misfortune that might befall him or others. The Buddha also explained the benefits of reciting this piritha regularly, such as gaining the confidence and joy of faith, developing concentration and insight, overcoming obstacles and enemies, fulfilling one's wishes and aspirations, etc.

Jaya Piritha is usually chanted in Pali language, which is the ancient language of the Buddhist scriptures. However, there are also translations and explanations available in Sinhala and other languages for those who want to understand the meaning and significance of this piritha. Jaya Piritha can be chanted individually or collectively, at any time or occasion, especially when facing difficulties or dangers. It can also be listened to as a form of meditation and contemplation.

If you want to download Jaya Piritha PDF for free, you can visit the following websites that offer this service:

  • Scribd: This is a website that allows you to read and download various documents online. You can find Jaya Piritha PDF in both Pali and Sinhala languages on this site.

  • This is a website that provides various resources on Buddhism, such as pirithas, pujas, books, etc. You can find Jaya Piritha PDF with Sinhala translation on this site.

  • This is a website that preserves and provides access to various digital materials online. You can find Jaya Piritha audio file on this site.

We hope that you will benefit from reciting or listening to Jaya Piritha and experience the protection and blessing of the Triple Gem.

What is the meaning of Jaya Piritha? Jaya Piritha literally means "the victorious chant" or "the chant of victory". It is also known as Jayamangala Gatha, which means "the verses of auspiciousness" or "the verses of success". Jaya Piritha is a collection of praises and blessings that express the gratitude and reverence towards the Buddha and his teachings. It also reflects the aspiration and determination to follow the path of the Buddha and achieve the ultimate goal of liberation.

Why is Jaya Piritha so powerful? Jaya Piritha is considered to be very powerful and effective because it contains the essence and power of the Buddha's qualities and teachings. By reciting this piritha, one can connect with the Buddha's energy and influence, and receive his protection and guidance. Jaya Piritha also helps to purify one's mind and speech, and to generate positive thoughts and emotions. It can also create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere around oneself and others.

How to recite Jaya Piritha? Jaya Piritha can be recited in different ways, depending on one's preference and purpose. One can recite it silently or aloud, slowly or fast, with or without a melody, alone or with others. The most important thing is to recite it with faith, devotion and understanding. One should also try to memorize the words and meanings of this piritha, and to reflect on them regularly. One can also listen to Jaya Piritha as a form of meditation and contemplation. c481cea774


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