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In 2012, Kiwix received a grant from Wikimedia France to build a kiwix-plug, which was deployed to universities in eleven countries known as the Afripedia Project.[12][13] In February 2013 Kiwix won SourceForge's Project of the Month award[14] and an Open Source Award in 2015.[15]


There is an HTTP server version called kiwix-serve; this allows a computer to host Kiwix content, and make it available to other computers on a network.[17] The other computers see an ordinary website. Kiwix-hotspot is an HTTP server version for plug computers,[14] which is often used to provide a Wi-Fi server.[18]

So, if I want to host multiple .zim files I will need a library .xml file correct? Can create a new one by using this command: kiwix-manage /kiwix/library_zim.xml add /kiwix/data/wiktionary_en_simple_all_nopic.zim and then repeating for each .zim?

I used this tutorial and got it successfully running on my pi zero w (although it is pretty slow). With a little more googling I was able to run kiwix-serve and open chromium-browser to the kiwix page on startup.

Zimit (online version) is a scraper allowing to create ZIM file from any website. As of 2022 the ZIM files it produces are incompatible with kiwix-desktop, because the Web ARChive implementation it uses require ServiceWorkers (only kiwix-android, kiwix-serve).

As requested by several Labdoo helpers and hubs, the updated Labdoo images are coming from now on with the new Offline Wiki Reader tools Kiwix and Kolibri. Both programs are offline readers, for details refer to the links later in this post. The former tool Xowa wiki tool will be removed from all images and FTP-server soon. Until November 15th, 2020 you will find both images on our FTP-server, with "_xowa" and "_kiwix" in their names. After the 15.11.2020 all Xowa related images will be removed. And the others will get the standard images and "_kiwix" will be removed from their names.

The Kiwix wikis were found to be more complete, more actual as those of Xowa. Some Xowa wikis are not offered within Kiwix, but therefore you will find several 100 new wikis, even in languages which were not available as offline wikis in Xowa. For more details refer to

Labdoo will watch the issue, which might get solved by an update of appimage. And we found a workaround, which will be part of all kiwix-based images younger than 09.11.2020. So you can stop reading here, when you need actual images for cloning. For technicians here the solution we have chosen:

There were some challenges when deciding how ZIM files would be stored. ZIM files can get large, especially for videos. The tablets' storage space might not be enough to store that many ZIM files. It was decided that the best approach is to split the resources across multiple tablets and sharing ZIM files on the same hotspot network from more than one device at the same time. This is easier to have in the current implementation of KiwixSpot. Another idea was to have a central Raspberry Pi server at school that hosts all ZIM files where students can use it to copy files to their devices. Both ideas are discussed in "What's next for kiwixSpot" 041b061a72


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