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Mike Kumar

Buffer Maker 1.1.0

My package.json is: "name": "tailwind-css-part-7", "version": "1.0.0", "main": "index.js", "devDependencies": "autoprefixer": "^10.4.2", "css": "^3.0.0", "postcss": "^8.4.5", "tailwind": "^4.0.0", "vite": "^2.7.10" , "scripts": "start": "vite" , "keywords": [], "author": "", "license": "ISC", "dependencies": "accepts": "^1.3.7", "ajv": "^6.10.0", "amqplib": "^0.5.2", "ansi-styles": "^3.2.1", "app-root-path": "^2.1.0", "array-flatten": "^1.1.1", "asn1": "^0.2.3", "async-limiter": "^1.0.1", "async-retry": "^1.2.3", "atob": "^2.1.2", "babel-runtime": "^6.26.0", "basic-auth": "^2.0.1", "bitsyntax": "^0.0.4", "bluebird": "^3.7.2", "body-parser": "^1.18.3", "browserslist": "^4.19.1", "buffer-equal-constant-time": "^1.0.1", "buffer-more-ints": "^0.0.2", "bytes": "^3.0.0", "call-bind": "^1.0.2", "caniuse-lite": "^1.0.30001296", "chalk": "^2.4.1", "color-convert": "^1.9.3", "color-name": "^1.1.3", "commands-events": "^1.0.4", "comparejs": "^1.0.0", "compressible": "^2.0.18", "compression": 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Buffer Maker 1.1.0

  • NOTE: any prefixed ACLs added to a cluster, even after the cluster is fully upgraded, will be ignored should the cluster be downgraded again. Notable changes in 2.0.0 KIP-186 increases the default offset retention time from 1 day to 7 days. This makes it less likely to "lose" offsets in an application that commits infrequently. It also increases the active set of offsets and therefore can increase memory usage on the broker. Note that the console consumer currently enables offset commit by default and can be the source of a large number of offsets which this change will now preserve for 7 days instead of 1. You can preserve the existing behavior by setting the broker config offsets.retention.minutes to 1440.

  • Support for Java 7 has been dropped, Java 8 is now the minimum version required.

  • The default value for ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm was changed to https, which performs hostname verification (man-in-the-middle attacks are possible otherwise). Set ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm to an empty string to restore the previous behaviour.

  • KAFKA-5674 extends the lower interval of max.connections.per.ip minimum to zero and therefore allows IP-based filtering of inbound connections.

  • KIP-272 added API version tag to the metric,name=RequestsPerSec,request=FetchConsumer. This metric now becomes,name=RequestsPerSec,request=Produce,version=.... This will impact JMX monitoring tools that do not automatically aggregate. To get the total count for a specific request type, the tool needs to be updated to aggregate across different versions.

  • KIP-225 changed the metric "records.lag" to use tags for topic and partition. The original version with the name format "topic-partition.records-lag" has been removed.

  • The Scala consumers, which have been deprecated since, have been removed. The Java consumer has been the recommended option since Note that the Scala consumers in 1.1.0 (and older) will continue to work even if the brokers are upgraded to 2.0.0.

  • The Scala producers, which have been deprecated since, have been removed. The Java producer has been the recommended option since Note that the behaviour of the default partitioner in the Java producer differs from the default partitioner in the Scala producers. Users migrating should consider configuring a custom partitioner that retains the previous behaviour. Note that the Scala producers in 1.1.0 (and older) will continue to work even if the brokers are upgraded to 2.0.0.

  • MirrorMaker and ConsoleConsumer no longer support the Scala consumer, they always use the Java consumer.

  • The ConsoleProducer no longer supports the Scala producer, it always uses the Java producer.

  • A number of deprecated tools that rely on the Scala clients have been removed: ReplayLogProducer, SimpleConsumerPerformance, SimpleConsumerShell, ExportZkOffsets, ImportZkOffsets, UpdateOffsetsInZK, VerifyConsumerRebalance.

  • The deprecated has been removed, please use

  • New Kafka Streams configuration parameter upgrade.from added that allows rolling bounce upgrade from older version.

  • KIP-284 changed the retention time for Kafka Streams repartition topics by setting its default value to Long.MAX_VALUE.

  • Updated ProcessorStateManager APIs in Kafka Streams for registering state stores to the processor topology. For more details please read the Streams Upgrade Guide.

  • In earlier releases, Connect's worker configuration required the internal.key.converter and internal.value.converter properties. In 2.0, these are no longer required and default to the JSON converter. You may safely remove these properties from your Connect standalone and distributed worker configurations: internal.key.converter=org.apache.kafka.connect.json.JsonConverter internal.key.converter.schemas.enable=false internal.value.converter=org.apache.kafka.connect.json.JsonConverter internal.value.converter.schemas.enable=false

  • KIP-266 adds a new consumer configuration to specify the default timeout to use for KafkaConsumer APIs that could block. The KIP also adds overloads for such blocking APIs to support specifying a specific timeout to use for each of them instead of using the default timeout set by In particular, a new poll(Duration) API has been added which does not block for dynamic partition assignment. The old poll(long) API has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Overloads have also been added for other KafkaConsumer methods like partitionsFor, listTopics, offsetsForTimes, beginningOffsets, endOffsets and close that take in a Duration.

  • Also as part of KIP-266, the default value of has been changed to 30 seconds. The previous value was a little higher than 5 minutes to account for maximum time that a rebalance would take. Now we treat the JoinGroup request in the rebalance as a special case and use a value derived from for the request timeout. All other request types use the timeout defined by

  • The internal method kafka.admin.AdminClient.deleteRecordsBefore has been removed. Users are encouraged to migrate to org.apache.kafka.clients.admin.AdminClient.deleteRecords.

  • The AclCommand tool --producer convenience option uses the KIP-277 finer grained ACL on the given topic.

  • KIP-176 removes the --new-consumer option for all consumer based tools. This option is redundant since the new consumer is automatically used if --bootstrap-server is defined.

  • KIP-290 adds the ability to define ACLs on prefixed resources, e.g. any topic starting with 'foo'.

KIP-283 improves message down-conversion handling on Kafka broker, which has typically been a memory-intensive operation. The KIP adds a mechanism by which the operation becomes less memory intensive by down-converting chunks of partition data at a time which helps put an upper bound on memory consumption. With this improvement, there is a change in FetchResponse protocol behavior where the broker could send an oversized message batch towards the end of the response with an invalid offset. Such oversized messages must be ignored by consumer clients, as is done by KafkaConsumer. KIP-283 also adds new topic and broker configurations message.downconversion.enable and log.message.downconversion.enable respectively to control whether down-conversion is enabled. When disabled, broker does not perform any down-conversion and instead sends an UNSUPPORTED_VERSION error to the client.


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