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Rodion Belousov
Rodion Belousov


The receiver itself is what could be best described as semi matte black and much the better for it. Equally, no attempt has been made to introduce incongruous looking game birds; instead simple art-deco scrolls depicting a risen phoenix decorate the left side of the action, with the Browning Buckmark logo to the right and also on the base of the trigger guard. Both sides are interwoven with the word Phoenix picked out in gold. If criticism had to be levelled at the action as a whole, it would be the chromed shell lifter, which, when compared to the rest of the gun, looks cheap!

Гдз по ю, голицынский

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One anomaly is the bolt. This two-piece design can be awkward to re-assemble into the receiver, as you have to hold the gun vertically to align the two components so you can re-insert the cocking handle. It slides out easy enough for cleaning but is a bit problematical to reassemble. The best way to do the job is to remove the complete trigger mechanism housing (TMH) first, which is done by drifting out its two cross pins. Then slide the bolt assembly in and refit the TMH.

Furniture wise, the forend is of the usual hand filling semi-beavertail type whilst the pistol grip should; given the small amount of right-hand cast, suit most people. The chequering is crisp and comfortable whilst the butt plate is of the old fashioned black plastic style embossed with the word Browning. 041b061a72


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